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Important Notice: Solent G Scale's next Bi-Annual Wickham Show due on Saturday 19th October 2019 IS CANCELLED
[This event altenated with West Sussex's 'Henfield' Show which will next be held in November 2020]


THREE SOLENT LAYOUTS and Charlie's new Emett Layout (see below) will be at HOLLYCOMBE MODEL WEEKEND
August 31st and September 1st Hollycombe - Steam in the Country - near Liphook.
HOLLYCOMBE is already OPEN for 2019 - 1 entry fee applies all year
Solent Area Group of the G Scale Society
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Next Public Event: [AGM and] GSS Garden Railway Show - Nottingham NG8 4PB Sunday 19th May 2019


Over 20 attended the Live Steam Running and more, with hot drinks and warm food
at Kevin's on Sunday January 13th 2019 - Pictures in the Latest edition of the Journal

Pictures from Surrey Area Group's Event - East Horsley - Sunday March 3rd 2019 - 12 Layouts+
5+ of the layouts were from Solent Members.
Only a few are shown here - the halls were full of people viewing the layouts
Charlie's New 'Emett' Layout.. -appearing at Hollycombe Model Weekend and Wickham later this year..
emettW125320.jpg - 85Kb
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emettCUL125430.jpg - 70Kb
emettC125331.jpg - 158Kb
emettR125303.jpg - 151Kb
emettCUR125350.jpg - 186Kb
Upper and Lower Crofton (Alan and Steve Waredraper - Ilford and West Essex)
tfrontwide125712.jpg - 152Kb
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tPub125852.jpg - 156Kb
tTardis125841.jpg - 135Kb
trear+B125723.jpg - 160Kb
trearOps125733.jpg - 135Kb

Sid's USA Town Models
wagons125935.jpg - 82Kb
ruritania122948.jpg - 164Kb
A space-limited edition of Trumpers Halt
wide130025.jpg - 105Kb

The following Pictures by courtesy of Hazel Woodbridge:
Gas motor passing an ICE on Ray's Modular Layout ('Ray's 'Solent Mini Modules' based on 1.2m lengths)
P1000542.JPG - 52Kb
Upper and Lower Crofton (Alan and Steve Waredraper - Ilford and West Essex)
P1000564.JPG - 60Kb
Sid's USA Town
P1000559.JPG - 77Kb
Jack's Ruritania
P1000573.JPG - 65Kb
Robin Pellat's IT Burns Mining Company 1 of 2 of his Mini Layouts
P1000547.JPG - 63Kb
Trumpers Halt - RhB Tractor hauling ballast
P1000567.JPG - 354Kb
FOR SALE (Member's Sales) IF NOT YET SOLD...
Brian and Rosalie have 2 buildings left for sale - Contact  screenSolent.jpg - 2076 bytes   
Za_Farm.jpg - 41Kb
Farm Building Custom built by Brian - Wood Construction - Not Suited to being left outside

Contact screenSolent.jpg - 2076 bytes 
Most of the track brought to East Horsley was sold - Remaining items and Accessories - will be listed initially in the SolentG Forum then Newsletters
A Reminder of some of 2018's events
Peter and Genevieve had an open day on Saturday 28th July 2018 (Eastleigh Area) with Analogue Running

Dave and Trish Open day on Sunday 12th August regretably cancelled due to adverse weather

A Midweek event was hosted by Richard and Dante (Gosport Area)

Hollycombe - Steam in the Country: Model Weekend September was held on 1st/2nd
with a Marquee full of G Scale Layouts,(3 from Solent Area Group and 1 Display from Sussex)
and plenty of other attractions too (37 Traction engines of various sizes)

A September Visit to Cathedral Mountain Raillway was fully subscribed

The HENFIELD SHOW organised by West Sussex Area Group was in November - We were there with Bruksbanen Mk4c Shunting Puzzle

Live Steam Running and more, with hot drinks and warm food at Kevin's on Sunday January 13th 2019
Contact Details are included in the Solent Newsletter sent to Solent Members with Email (by post with s.a.e.)

IMAGES FROM WICKHAM - December News Download (7MB) or Part 1 or Part 2

Other Downloads available:
Click HERE for The Importance of a Multimeter + making your own voltmeter!

Click HERE for the latest edition of 'Prelude to LED Coach Lighting: Measuring Voltages and a bit of History

Click HERE for the Article on Bringing Light to the Little People
Click HERE for Considerations when Converting an Analogue Layout to Digital
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